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Atlanta is also known as the Black Mecca of tech cities. It is home to the fourth-largest tech hub in the United States — Atlanta Tech Village. Atlanta’s growth has been an unbelievable success story, and now the city is poised to build on that success, solidifying its position amongst the top 25 best tech cities in the country. Atlanta is also becoming a major hub for startups in all verticals. But some of the dominant sectors are logistics, FinTech and healthcare. Atlanta has a unique advantage in these sectors, as the ecosystem is supported by a number of leading companies with abundance of expertise. The entrepreneurs are well supported by not only technology talent but also a much-needed business expertise to build a successful company.

In line with this vision, The World CIO 200 Summit 2019 will bring together the digital leaders who have gone the extra mile in living up to the expectations of their organization and thereby the nation. Join the country’s top CIOs at The World CIO Summit 2019 as we divulge industry pivotal areas through our focused keynotes, TECHTalk and expert panel discussions.


The GLOBAL CIO FORUM represents IT Executives and CIOs globally. Currently working in META region and with expansion plans globally, the GLOBAL CIO FORUM is a non-profit community of CIOs and IT leaders whose mission is to facilitate networking, sharing of best practices and executive development, and to collaborate on issues faced by the CIOs/IT Executives.


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